New Year, New Art Goals & Activities

Children are naturally creative and they love to create fun, inspired art projects that they can share with family and friends. At a younger age, children like all forms of art from painting and drawing to modelling with clay and more. But as they get older and their tastes change, it is up to us to help guide them toward what they really like and then provide them with the resources and an outlet to pursue it.

Wearable Art

Many kids like to hang their masterpieces on the wall, while others like to wear it. If your child wants to wear a masterpiece that they created, let Liv-Art make that possible. With Liv-Art, you create your own design and we turn it into a t-shirt, scarf, leggings or a tote bag. Your child’s art on their clothing where they can show it off with pride! That is the Liv-Art goal!

What are some other ways that you can add more art and cultural enrichment to your child’s life for the new year? Let’s take a look: Provide The Resources They Need To Express Their Creativity- whether your child is interested in painting, drawing or another creative medium, making sure they have the resources they need to express their creativity is important.

Encourage Children To Make Mistakes- children can learn from their mistakes and it can actually help the creative process to fail once in a while. Making mistakes will teach them that there is more to the process than just the end result. Everything is a learning experience.

Solicit Different Ideas From Your Child- encourage your child to look at things from a different perspective and show them that being creative or inspired doesn’t have any set rules. Their imagination dictates their creativity and there art is their own.

Celebrate Creativity- show off your child’s masterpieces by creating an art wall in your home where you can celebrate their creativity and creative expression.

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