Simple Ways to Nurture Your Children’s Creativity

Creativity and innovative thinking are important tools that happy kids will need throughout their lives and it will help them grow and become successful in everything they do. We can help nurture our children’s creativity and create an environment that will fuel their creative thinking.

Here are some easy ways to help nurture your child’s creativity today:

  1. Invest in open-ended toys. Open-ended toys are toys that offer children more than one way to play. These can include blocks, building sets or anything that can be used in multiple ways for multiple purposes to encourage imaginative play and creativity.
  2. Make sure supplies are easily accessible. Dedicate an arts and crafts cabinet that your child is allowed to access whenever they get the urge to draw, paint or create with clay. Add some supplies that you find in your recycling bin such as paper towel rolls, boxes and cans so they can create something unique from their own ideas.
  3. Give them space. Giving your child space when they want to be creative is important as it will help them develop their own ideas and enable them to explore those ideas without a schedule. Enabling them to create, customized artwork will help build their self confidence and make proud kids of them.
  4. Ask about their creations. When you child brings you one of their creations, ask them questions about it and listen to their perspective on it. Children have different thought processes from our own and they can often have an interesting way of looking at something. Show them that you are a proud mom and want to display their artwork everywhere you can, even on your kid’s clothing.
  5. Celebrate ideas. Creativity is about more than just artistic expression, it can include math, sciences, computer coding and more. Whatever your child is interested in is something that we should encourage. They should be able to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that we might not have thought of before.
  6. Offer encouraging feedback. Children will get enough criticism in their lives, they don’t need to hear it at home. Be encouraging and give them positive feedback when they be better equipped to create a masterpiece. This will empower them to keep at it and it will nurture their creative minds which will result in a healthy, happy child.

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