Wear Your Art

That’s important because we are often very proud of our children’s artwork and we find a place to display it either on the refrigerator, or on a wall in the playroom, but to actually turn their artwork into a piece of clothing that you or your little one can wear would be parenting on another level.

Nurturing Creativity and Building Confidence

If you are the creative type, chances are, your children are as well. And that means a lot of arts and crafts, artwork displayed throughout your home and a never-ending supply of holiday crafts that are as festive as anything you could buy at the store. Now imagine selecting the best drawings, paintings and other colourful works of art and turning them into a high quality, wearable piece of clothing for your child or yourself. That is what LivArt does, we use your child’s original art to create a unique product that will display their talent and creativity for all to see. Everywhere you wear it, people will ask where you bought it and who the designer is and you can proudly tell them that you child designed it. Inspire your child to create a masterpiece that you can wear!

LivArt Custom Clothing and Apparel

LivArt offers a wide range of clothing, apparel and accessories that they can print your child’s beautiful painting or drawing onto creating a one of a kind masterpiece for you or a loved one. From t-shirts, hats and dresses, to scarves, leggings, totes and more, LivArt has a collection to suit your needs and your personal sense of style. They even make it easy to create a custom wearable from your child’s art. Simply download an image of the original artwork, select from a wide range of styles and sizes and submit your order. LivArt will go to work creating a customised article of clothing based on your child’s art.

When you wear your artwork, you wear your imagination and that is what making happy kids is all about. Help your child create a masterpiece today by nurturing their creativity and using LivArt’s innovative printing process to put your kid’s art onto your children’s clothing today. If you like the idea of wearing your art, contact LivArt today and see how easy it can be to create a beautiful wearable from your child’s creation.

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