Why Drawing is Important for Your Child’s Development

Enabling your child to express their creative side is important for their overall development and it can also help them become better learners in other subjects when they start school.

Helping your child focus on their drawing skills is important as it will further their development and it may even show you a creative side you didn’t know they had. If you want to help your child develop their skills and grow, keep reading as we are going to share with you some important reasons that drawing is important for your child.

Here are reasons why focusing on drawing skill is important for the development of your child:

Improves intellectual development: Drawing directly supports perception, memory retention, cognition, spatial reasoning, imitation and various other mental processes.

Improves fine motor skills: Fine motor skills are related to the movement and control of small muscles in our fingers and hands. These skills can be further enhanced though regular drawing sessions.

Improves emotional development: For older children, drawing may improve their sense of personality, self-control, self-concept, emotional control and others.

Establish greater degree of concentration: Many children love to draw. This helps them to establish deeper concentration. Improved concentration is essential later in life, especially to improve performance in school and workplace.

Improved hand-eye coordination: Children will be more capable in drawing connections between what they see and do. Hand-eye coordination will be useful in workplace, athletics and other areas. Improves confidence: Through drawing, children can create a representation of their experience, thought and imagination. If parents, teachers and others praise their work, children can have a higher degree of self-worth and intrinsic motivation. It will be easier for children to have confidence in other areas.

Improves creative problem solving: Children will know how to creatively solve problem through enhanced concentration and continuous visual analysis. They will eventually learn how to portray emotions, connect body parts and depict a scene. They will make decisions on what colors to use and what drawing methods to choose. By making numerous decisions, children will eventually develop better problem-solving skills.

Drawing will also open up new horizon and experience. Parents and teachers need to be fully responsive once children show an interest in drawing. The act of drawing is a lot more than the pencils and paper they use, it is an important factor of their personal development. Wear Your Artwork with LivArt

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