Art and a Child's Early Years of Learning

Here are just some of the benefits of introducing arts to children in their early years of learning:

Improved creativity: Children who are accustomed to performing artistic activities tend to think outside the box. They will think and act differently compared to other children. Parents could encourage children to paint freely express their mind. Another good method to stimulate creativity is to play one children song continuously and ask the child to paint something relevant to the song. Art activities help to initiate new ideas and express them in unique ways.

Better confidence: Artists are known for their confidence in expressing themselves. They can also deliver messages more convincingly. In musical or theatrical events, children could be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. They also know how to learn from their mistakes and give the best performance possible. Good problem-solving ability: In any education process, the ability to solve problems is essential. This can be initiated by asking children to turn a clump of clay into a shape. With artistic tasks, children can be constantly challenged to solve various problems. Art is a great avenue for working through problems that could occur in life. If children become motivated enough, they could see problems as a good challenge. They will become open in trying various ideas until new solutions can be discovered.

Perseverance: The learning process can be time consuming and tedious. Writing a 25-page history paper in high school requires persistence and dedication. If children continue to deal with challenging arts projects, they can learn to persevere. Eventually, children can learn from both opportunities and mistakes. Improved focus: The learning process will stall if children lack enough focus to do something. Children need to keep a balance between listening, reading and observing. They often need to multitask to accomplish something. The arts improve the ability of children to focus and concentrate on various aspects of their lives.

Collaboration: Collaboration is essential in both the learning process and team-based art projects. Children should learn to accomplish common goals with their peers. They should understand that contribution is essential for the overall success. Art projects can be their first collaboration and they will take the initiative to contribute.

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