Summer Art Activities

What is a parent to do when their young children become bored during the summer? Create some fun and interactive art activities that will give them something to do and keep their creativity working throughout the summer! There are thousands of fun summer art activities that you and your children can do that will help them express their creative sides and keep them occupied. If you are looking for summer art activity ideas, keep reading and see some of our favourites that your artistic child will enjoy!

Summer Art Activities For Children

Flower Crown- what little girl wouldn’t like a flower crown? And to create it themselves using a blend of real flowers and tissue paper flowers will make it that much more special. They can use it for fairy dress-up or tea parties.

Pet Rocks- Pet rocks are a fun craft for children of any age and it requires only a handful of rocks and some paint. Your children can have fun painting their rocks and adding a wide range of decorations to make each one even more unique.

Tie Dye T-Shirts- kids love the brightly coloured designs that tie dying creates and having something that they designed and are able to wear makes this craft that much more fun.

Pool Noodle Horses- create fun and interactive horses from pool noodles that your child can play make believe with as they “ride” around the garden on their own pony!

Egg Carton Sail Boat- your young sailor will enjoy creating this craft! Using an old egg carton from the recycle bin, they can decorate it, add a mast and sail and float it in a nearby stream, pond or your pool.

Craft Stick Airplane- from sailing away, to flying through the skies, your child can use craft sticks, paper, some glue and paint to create their own glider and fly it around the yard.

Personalized Flower Pots- you can purchase inexpensive terra cotta flower pots and let your children use acrylic paints to create their own unique designs. Then, they can plant some flower seeds and watch their plants grow throughout the summer.

Inspiring your child’s creativity through art and making summertime crafts can help them learn and grow and give them the confidence to do anything they set their minds to. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites.