Innovative Ways to Store and Display Your Child’s Artwork

While some parents will discreetly toss some of the artwork out, keeping only their favourite pieces, today’s children are getting wise to that and using every tactic they know of to save their masterpieces.

Ways to Store and Display Your Child’s Artwork

When storing your child’s artwork, you will need to get rid of some of it, otherwise you won’t have room for the art they create over the summer. When doing so, keep the truly significant pieces and some that you feel your child really put some effort into as these are the pieces they are sure to miss.

Once you have them sorted, now you will need to decide whether to store it or display it. Make separate piles for each and then use some of the tips below to keep it organised.

  1. Hang it - there are many ways that you can display your child’s artwork by hanging it on the wall. You could use corkboard and pushpins, create a cable system which enables you to use clips to hang your child’s artwork along a cable hung on the wall, or you could frame it. Using their best masterpieces, purchase frames that are similar in size and add a backing that uses a corresponding colour from your child’s drawing.
  2. Store it - using folders, binders, folio books and more, you can store your child’s artwork and keep it organised by year, medium or anything you choose. You could even use storage bins for the larger pieces or to store the folders and binders in once they are full.
  3. Create a Masterpiece - Another good way to store or display your child’s artwork is by visiting LivArt online and creating a Masterpiece which takes up to 20 of your child’s best drawings and create a masterpiece using aspects of each work of art which is suitable for framing and hanging on any wall in your home.

If you are looking for some innovative ways to display your child’s works of art, contact LivArt today and see what we can do to turn your child’s work of art into a masterpiece!

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