3 Tips For Storing Kids Art

3 Tips For Storing Kids Art

Roll Up Larger Masterpieces - it can be difficult to store larger works of art as they tend to take up a lot of space when laid flat. One simple tip that makes storing larger art pieces easier while taking up less space is to roll it up and secure it with an elastic. This way, you can store a large selection of your child’s art in a much smaller space while still keeping it protected.

Use Plastic Bins - plastic storage bins make an excellent art storage solution. They can be closed, stacked and labelled and stored almost anywhere. Plastic storage bins are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to suit your, and your little artist’s needs.

Liv Art Digital Draw - while most of your child’s artwork can be stored in bins or on shelves, there are some pieces that you might want to display on your wall. Whether you choose to display it in your child’s room, the playroom, or in your family room, using Liv Art Digital Draw, you can display professionally created versions your child’s masterpieces that are suitable for framing. Liv Art makes it easy to turn your child’s original designs into a wide range of beautiful, creative products from clothing and accessories, to wall hangings and more!

Contact Liv Art If you are looking for some innovative ways to store your child’s works of art, contact Liv Art today and see what we can do to turn your child’s work of art into a masterpiece!

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