Empowering Children’s Confidence In Art Through Wearable Fashion

Through positive reinforcement and extracurricular activities, we can boost our children’s confidence. While certain extracurricular activities such as sports or music takes some time, effort and practice, art is something that every child can do because they each have their own vision and creative eye. Praising their efforts and helping them recognise and use their strengths, our children can accomplish their goals and become successful throughout their lives.

Turn Art Into Wearable Fashion

Now, we can take that even further by letting them turn their masterpieces into wearable fashion. By letting your child create their own masterpieces which can be hung on the wall and displayed proudly, they will feel empowered enough to do almost anything. With that being said, lets take a look at some ways that creating wearable fashion can boost your child’s confidence and help create a much brighter future for them and the world around them.

Ways Creating Wearable Fashion Can Empower Children’s Confidence

Art Opens Up A Dialogue - when your child is busy creating their artwork, they become more communicative with their parents, fellow children and teachers. You can learn how they feel about their creativity and see how they value their own strengths and acknowledge their own weaknesses.

They Can Get Used To Feedback - by providing them with clear, but not critical, feedback, children will become used to receiving feedback which can help them become better adjusted students and workers later in life.

Art Fosters A Growth Mindset - creating art fosters a growth mindset in children and the ability to turn their creations into something useful such as wearable fashion can give the positive mindset to improve their abilities over time. Children with a fixed mindset tend to be more closed minded and believe that they cannot change their abilities regardless of how hard they try.

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