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I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, my husband, Kim is German and our daughter, Liv-Isabel, was born in India. Over the past 10 years we have lived away from our native countries and found ways to make each place we landed our home. But, being away, posed a challenge in keeping parents, grandparents, and relatives at our home countries happy. The usual card made by our Liv was not enough. They wanted to hold her. They wanted to be with her. They wanted something personal, made or painted by Liv that they could keep at home and hold forever. 

Like most children, Liv has a strong creative streak and she loves to draw and paint. So, I started collecting Liv’s precious little artworks and created a custom piece of art that I could send “home” or keep as decorative art for ourselves. I went beyond photocopying or simply framing a sketch by taking Liv’s work and remastering it into lovely, large pieces of art. Experienced artists under my careful supervision collaborated to bring to life special pieces that reflected all of Liv’s work, each one as unique as each piece made by Liv. I knew then, that in this way I could keep a creative diary of my Liv’s artwork which can be enjoyed for years to come.

I have many friends around the world who live and experience the same situation as ours, so when I shared Liv’s remastered pieces, not only did they enjoy Liv’s work, they wanted me to do the same for their own little artists at home, and that is how Liv ™ came to life.


Using your children’s sketches, paintings, drawings and crafts as inspiration, we remaster one or more elements from the artwork into a single piece. 

A remastered piece inspired by artwork from your child is a gift that keeps on giving and as with all valuable art, appreciate with time. 

Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated, each piece is simply, perfect.