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Terms and Conditions

  • LivArt® is a registered trademark and property of Aiko Limited.
  • LivArt® is a designer and creator of free topic original and unique art pieces. Free topic is the artistic field wherein the artist is not restricted nor conditioned in any way in the expression, interpretation, or rendering of a piece.  However, LivArt®’s creations are inspired by pictures, drawings, markings, scribbles, etc. made by children and submitted by the Client for LivArt®’s uniquely transformative art pieces.
  • LivArt® will make every effort possible to capture the client's desires. However, since each piece is an original and uniquely created by LivArt®, we cannot guarantee the final artwork will match the exact image the client may have in mind at the time of retaining LivArt®’s services.
  • All pictures, drawings, markings, scribbles, etc brought to LivArt® will be used for inspiring LivArt®'s team of artists. The final art piece rendered shall not be a replica or a copy of the originals given to LivArt®.
  • We do not commit to apply or use your drawings and paintings in their exact form given to us during the creative process.   All art pieces created by LivArt® are a transformative interpretation designed by our creative team of the pieces submitted by the client.
  • All paintings and drawings handed over to LivArt® must be colourful. No "black & white" or "grey" drawings can be applied. Exception are if it's a particular client request and agreed with LivArt® team in advance.
  • LivArt® artists shall transform the original drawings and paintings throughout the creative process in order to create a sensible storyline and theme.  LivArt® artists will honour the clients' wishes and drawings submitted as far as the creative process allows. LivArt® reserves the right to accept any kind of drawings, paintings, or any other artistic form to be a source of inspiration.
  • All drawings and paintings must match certain requirements which will be individual discussed and agreed with the client in advance. Any submitted paintings, drawings, sketches, marking, scribbles etc. that don't meet the requirements discussed/agreed, will be returned to the client.
  • The request made by the client is final and no changes or alterations will be allowed after retaining our services.  In some cases, LivArt® will allow minor changes in order to satisfy the client.  Any changes may incur additional charges.
  • Each piece created by LivArt® is copyrighted.  Each piece is accompanied by a "certificate of authenticity" and is subject to the terms of said certification.  Each piece bears the mark of LivArt® and a unique control number.
  • All pictures, drawings, markings, scribbles, sources of inspiration, etc. submitted to LivArt® to achieve the final piece, as well as the ownership, author’s identity, materials used; photos, and the instructions given to LivArt® by the client are confidential and shall not be disclosed and made public by LivArt®, its employees, artists, directors or representatives.
  • All paintings and drawings, materials, photos and art objects handed to LivArt® will be given back to the client once the art piece has been finalized.
  • LivArt® uses only non-toxic products to execute its work and create unique pieces of art. LivArt® will not be responsible for damages, allergies or any reaction caused if a different use is given to the paintings and product used (if it's chewed, eaten, etc. or any other inappropriate use).
  • 100% of the total price must be paid upon retaining our service.
  • You are not permitted to edit or otherwise modify any material purchased and created by LivArt®. Furthermore, you must not:
    • republish material (including republication on to your own personal media or website);
    • sell, rent or sub-license the material;
    • exploit the products for a commercial purpose.

Aiko Limited takes the protection of its copyrights very seriously. If we discover that you have used our copyrighted material, we may bring legal proceedings against you, seeking monetary damages and/or an injunction to stop you using those materials. You could also be ordered to pay legal costs. You must request permission to use the copyrighted materials by contacting us at